Hellas Restaurant

Hellas restaurant is easy to find. Based in the main road of Perissa and lying acrooss the road for a long distance, it is hard to miss. The bright lights in the night distinguish the place from the others in the area.

The interior of the restaurant is very relaxing. Especially at night, colours emerge all over, making the environment unique. The map of Santorini on the roof adds another piece of great design.

The menu is very rich, including a lot of starters, fresh fish, grill plates or even pizza. Local specialities are must have, as well as ouzo, wine from the local winneries or pure draft beer.

Hellas Restaurant can serve as a host to any celebration. From wedding parties to custom celebrations, this place can be adjusted to your needs!

After your dinner you can enjoy a drink, some coffee of your favoutite ice-cream from the bar at the end of the restaurant! The music will make your day end in a very favorable way!

There are a lot of other events going around this place. In the winter time for example, it serves more as a cafeteria, with the comfortable environment being completed by pool avtivity!