About Santorini

Santorini is one of the islands of Cyclades lying in the Aegean Sea in Greece. But it's not just another island. The morphology of this island is unique, combining the spectacular view of a volcano, with the warm shine of the sun, and the endless sea with the clear-blue skies. Just add to that the wide variety of entertainment choices all day and all night long, and you have just discovered your next destination!

Santorini lies at the south end of the prefecture of Cyclades islands in a distance of 128 miles from the port of Piraues. The area of the island is 75 square Km and its permanent residents are about 10.000. It's geological morphology is the result of action of the volcano - now dormant - and it's present at every side of the island..

The Volcano is the heart of the island. You can enjoy it's view every hour of the day. During the sunset though, it is trully ashtonishing! Few experiences in the world can be that romantic! You can also take a closer look at it, or even walk on it, if you join one of the daily volcano excursions.

You can see the sea from any spot in Santorini. But better than seeing it, is tasting it, and you can do so by enjoying the endless beaches of the island. Either you prefer a quiet swim, or a beach party, you will be able to satisfy your desires.

The Sun is ever present in Santorini. From sunrise to sunset dresses the island with its bright colours and its warm company. And a provider of a great sun tan as well!